October, 2007

I am working my way to a clean email inbox. For the past couple of years I’ve habitually had an inbox of several hundred messages or more. This is sloppy. The inbox was supposed to serve as my reminder to do stuff (answer emails, mostly) and the bigger it got the less likely I was to answer those emails. It was a huge weight on my mind. Now, I am cleaning it out. Do not be at all surprised if you receive a touching base email from me in the next few days. Some of the emails I’ve held on to meaning to reply to are from 2004 (and actually, 2004 is when I shifted all my mail over to gmail, so they could potentially be older…I just replied to an email from 2001).

Last week I had 180 emails in my inbox. I told myself I would take care of ten a day. Today I have 43 emails in my inbox. Little by little, but if I keep taking care of at least 10 emails a day (and manage incoming), I will have a gtd perfect zero email inbox in under a week. Yay, me.

I also will have written to people whom I thought needed writing to, but never seemed to get around to it.

Hello, world!

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I can enter a search string like “weird orange plant garden” and a forum hop and a couple of links later I’m at this page, which shows me exactly what’s growing there. I killed one last week, thinking it was plastic or styrofoam, not a living thing. This week when another showed up, I tried to figure out what it was. It’s so vibrant a color as to seem unnatural, and I can definitely attest to the aptness of the name “stinkhorn”. What the page doesn’t answer is if it’s ok to let this thing grow in among my tomatoes. I usually enjoy the sight of mushrooms in my yard, so I guess I’ll just leave it be. Love the fact that weird things I’ve never seen before, things that seem impossible or artificial, can grow in my yard.

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