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I’m never sure what to write in this section. What is a question a person would click here to get answered and what constitutes TMI?

When I click an about page, I’m usually looking to determine gender and/or age of its author. Sometimes physical location of author as well, particularly if I think it’s not the U.S.A. Is that what you are looking for?

I am female. I am 40. I currently live in St. Louis, which is inside the U.S.A.

This is what I look like:

Anna in natural habitat.  Shhhh, she's reading

That seems too easy. A little bit about the blog then? Or a little more about me?

I have been blogging for many years. I started with a script my husband wrote for me in early 2000, though the archives here begin around 2003 (transferring the older archives is a rainy day project). I started the blog as a way to journal my pregnancy. The focus of the blog has shifted over time, though it still retains the journaling aspect of detailing whatever is going on in my life currently. I can’t imagine that someone who does not know me, at least tangentially, will want to read most of what I post, though I do occasionally have things to say that the general public may find worthwhile, such as this post on how to lucid dream, or this rumination about whether one of Argentina’s most progressive presidents was POC.

I’ll probably spend a lot of time over the next year (2010) writing about Montessori education, because I’m currently taking the elementary training. I’ll be finished in 2011. I find almost everything about the Montessori method fascinating, and I have written about it from a parent’s point of view, before I started the training.

For several years I had no job, and was trying to make it as a writer. You can see what I’ve had published in the bibliography page. Yes, it’s pretty scant. I do a lot of thinking about writing and story, though, and if you have any interest in writing navel-gazing, you can read those posts.

Prior to having no job, I worked as a librarian, which probably explains a lot about my interest in writing and reading. I read largely in the speculative fiction field, though not exclusively. I occasionally review what I read, like when I reviewed Sarah Monette’s Melusine, Or Caitlín R. Kiernan’s Low Red Moon. Reviews can be found in the entertainment category. I also frequently recommend stories to read or listen to that I have found enjoyable. If you’re looking for reading material, pay attention, and I’ll soon tell you about some great new story I discovered.

My other main interests are music and dreaming, and I write about those here. Both my political and religious views are fairly atypical (for a USian, anyway) and you may encounter those from time to time. I also write about my family: husband, daughter, pets. I’m interested in origami, particularly modular origami, tea and chocolate, and travel. I think a lot about simplicity, frugality and organizing my life for the better, and sometimes I share my thoughts. Occasionally I’ll throw in a post about St. Louis, since I’m a relative newcomer, food (recipes or cool things we get from our CSA), yoga, or pass on a list of cool links. It’s a bit of a smorgasbord. Fortunately, you’re not required to taste everything.

What you won’t find: much writing about pop culture. I rarely watch television. I have no interest in fashion. I don’t follow celebrities (unless following NASA on twitter can be considered interest in celebrities). I like video games, but I don’t purchase many or keep up with the hype on them very well. I like gadgets, but not in a compulsive sort of way, and I’m no sort of bleeding edger. For a while I was keeping track of how many movies I saw in the theater per year, and it hovered around the half dozen, but I believe in 2009, I saw three or less. It’s just not part of my landscape.

That got long. Well, I hope I answered some of your questions. You can contact me, using the form below, if you have others.

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