Lyrics Game

The Lyrics Game is a game whereby commenters provide the next line to the lyrics line I use as a post title. I often use lyrics for post titles, because I love how just a few sung words can so fully express thoughts and feelings. You can throw in artist and song, if you wish, but what gives you points is the next line of lyrics. Using google is officially cheating and makes me sad. I give credit for near misses or misunderstood lyrics anyway, so be sporting about it, please. Listening to the track again is completely fair, and the sekrit goal of the game is to get people to listen to more music, and to pay attention to the lyrics of the music they listen to. As a hint, checking my Last.Fm page is fairly useful, and the sidebar conveniently has a list of my most recently listened to tracks.

To participate, just comment on one of the posts, with the followup line of lyrics. If you are first, you get two points. If you are not first, but say something funny or insightful, I may give you a point. Since this has come up, if the line I give is the last line, any line of lyrics from the song will serve as a point garnering answer. Posts older than one hundred and twenty days cannot be commented on, so stay in the near past. For my part, I promise to be diverse in my pick of lyrics, so as to give people with different musical areas of interest the opportunity to particpate. Don’t expect a lot of country, though.

The current score for the lyrics game is in the sidebar.

At some point the winner will get something cool from me. This is purposely left vague, to keep me from failing to meet the dealine. Trust me, you’ll all know when I’ve declared a winner. Good luck!

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