It’s been more than a year since I posted. And I was only posting sporadically before that. I am unsure what I want to do here. Maybe blogging is over? Maybe no one reads blogs anymore. Or maybe the small set of people who may at one time have been interested in what I would write and post are no longer interested. Who knows? I still make blog entries in my head from time to time. And I miss blogging, at least a little. Maybe more of those in my head things will come to the page.

I had to go into the admin module to upgrade WordPress which was so outdated it was like a magnet calling out for someone to hack the site. And that would have made me grumpy. Instead the upgrade was so easy and now I’m already in the control panel and it totally makes sense for me to type something and post it!

Life’s satisfying. Good things happen to me on a regular basis. This summer has been a spectacular time off, after three summers spent working far too hard at getting my AMI elementary certification. First summer off in three years and how I am cherishing it! I have not gotten accomplished everything I would wish to (of course) but I have done quite a few things that had been waiting to be done for a long time. Nothing earth shattering, just worthwhile. Such as finally getting the bedroom to be the secluded, refreshing, neat place I want it to be. I went to a free class and made a necklace! I took apart a three cube and spent lots of hours trying find 7mm glass beads (without success, any ideas?). The internet gave me a lesson on making onigiri and I may just turn into a person who makes themselves bento lunches. Got shelving in the front closet and now it’s all neat and organized and stuff fits in there.

Things I’m not currently doing:
  • keeping up with my reader feed
  • yoga
  • writing or editing or submitting stuff I’ve written (I wrote zero new stories so far in 2012, and I think I wrote zero in 2011).
  • cutting my hair
  • clearing up enough space on my hard drive – which is too full – or catching up appropriately on podcasts
  • taking on stress
  • making that t-shirt quilt I’m going to make someday
Things I am currently doing:

And how are you?


Mon 30th Jul 2012 at 3:19 pm

Why I’m just fine, thanks for asking. :P

Podcastle (and the sister podcasts) have become some of my best friends at the gym. I find running to be horribly tedious, and the stories get me through the miles. They’re also usually perfect in length for me. Thanks for bringing me such entertaining stories!

My summer has been spent rehearsing and then performing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which I thought would be laaame but ended up being really fun. Who knew?

Enjoy your restful summer. Sounds like you deserve it!

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