January 26th, 2003



The weekend is ending, and tomorrow it will be back to work. I expect
this week to be pretty busy, and expect to get less done in terms of
writing/webpage and so forth than I did this past week. I’d be doing more
work of other types now instead of writing, but I’m too tired to. Besides,
I’m waiting for my desktop to finish upgrading to Mandrake 9.0. I just
found out today the Mandrake’s in some kind of bankruptcy. I hope that
doesn’t mean the end of the distro, because I like it a lot. If this entry
seems to ramble a bit, you’ll understand why I try not to write when I’m
this tired. The superbowl is on TV. My dad is watching it. One of the
pirate teams is winning. Sophia just went to bed, but I can hear her
coughing some, and she’s not sleeping as deeply as she might be. I am
really liking the way my webpage is coming along right now. I added the
code to pull the pictures in on Friday and the more I look at it, the more
I like it. I also added a ton of pictures from Halloween to the database.
For those of you who have been waiting with breathless expectation to see
me dressed as Titania, there are now a crazy number of pictures of me in my
costume. Last year we got a ton of pictures of Sophia and very few of me,
so perhaps Kurt was determined to change that this year. I don’t know. I
didn’t take hardly any pictures in November, either, so even though it
seems like I should be way behind if I’m only at the end of October, it’s
not as hopeless as it looks. Of course I was out of control with the
camera at Christmas, so there’s still a ways to go.

Sophia did a number of really cool things this weekend, which it may take
me a couple of days to catalog fully. However, I will tell about the
Natural Science Museum. We went there on Saturday after she got up from
her nap. She loved it. When we got to the first large
fish tank she started to sign fish, and then, as she got more
and more excited by the size, activity and number of fish, she started
signing with BOTH hands. She was just standing there, grinning,
and waving both hands back and forth as fast as she could. I was actually
pretty impressed that she could translate the bigger tank with its bigger
fish to more than one hand signing the sign. That indicates, to me
anyways, a grasp of scale (and possibly plurals) which is very exciting.
She also pointed out stuffed bears, deer and ducks. She would name them
over and over while pointing and we would say “Yes, yes, there’s a bear.
It’s a bear. I see it.” She was also fascinated by the stairs and spent
long, long minutes both in the children’s playroom and elsewhere climbing
up stairs and then bumping her way down them on her behind.

OK, bed now. Sleep well, dear reader.

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