February 27th, 2003

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Lunch break. I’m actually starving today, and I’m not sure why. Also,
it’s cold again. Does the weather not realize that it’s practically March?
What happened to springtime and sun and warmth? Ugh. Been rainy and
dreary for days. And cold. I just overnuked my lunch, which was pizza.
Yuck. It’s too hard to eat. Woe is me. Actually, I’d just as soon eat
poptarts anyways. I didn’t really want the pizza, it was just the oldest
leftover in the fridge this morning and I felt obligated to eat it. Our
fridge is as full of leftovers as our house is empty of people. I don’t
know if it’s all those years in Nepal or what but my brother’s family, though
they can eat quite a lot of food, suffer from “their eyes are bigger than their
stomachs” syndrome. They’re gone, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth.
No one likes to get their flight delayed, I can totally sympathize with that,
but they really acted like it was the end of the world. Like they were
never going to get back to Argentina and if they had to spend
one more second in this horrible place (the U.S.) with these horrible people
(us) they would lose all hope of ever seeing the light again. None of this is
hyperbole, by the way, or even mild exaggeration. “I hope we never have to
come back here again,” was a phrase uttered by everyone in my brother’s family
at some point in the last 48 hours except the youngest child, Abby. She may
have said it too, and I just didn’t hear it. However, they should be safely
home by now, and this is great news for all of us. I’ve been extra super plus
busy this week with my parents leaving and my brother and his family staying
here and going back and forth to the airport and various and sundry things so
I haven’t done any writing either on cualcotel or my blog or Sophia’s webpage.
Heck, I haven’t even played Animal Crossing, so you know I’ve been
busy. We’re also all still somewhat sickly with that congestion thing, which we
haven’t had time to fully recover from.

I have a list of things to write about Sophia as long as arm. The filename
for this entry (not that you can see any of the filenames, but I know
what they are) is phrases3.txt. Why is that? Because the last two entries I
meant to write something about phrases and failed to. Maybe today I’ll
finally get to it. If not, without a doubt, the filename for the next entry
will be phrases4.txt

I had another dream that I remember, and while the thought of posting it
didn’t really embarrass me, it was rather sexually graphic and I could easily
see it being potentially embarrassing to a reader. So I’m again trying to
figure out what I should do about that. I’m considering posting it behind a
username/password, so that no one stumbles on them by accident. Or maybe
a standard paper journal is the best place for my dreams. I thought
it might be easier to organize them if I had them online. I even had thoughts
of a database, with keywords and subject categories and a date field. That
was probably overly ambitious thinking on my part, though. I have grand
schemes, I just lack on the execution of them sometimes. At any rate, if you
have any ideas or suggestions about my dream journal and what form it should
take, write me and tell me what you

Pause while I peruse the Nanoedmo page
wondering if I should begin surgery on Cualcotel.

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