March 31st, 2003

31 Mar 2003, by

Finally back. Finally holding my iBook again. Finally slept in my own bed again last night. Many things to do today, all related to attempting to close on our old house. If everything gets done and everything goes well, we should have a nice wad of cash in hand at the end of today (it will dissipate pretty quickly when applied to the debts we’ve accrued in the last six months but paying down debts will be nice, too). We should also be free of our second mortgage (not to mention our second house) and be able to stop living quite so hand to mouth and month to month. I’m not going to work since I am going to be so busy getting the last minute things (which we could have done this past weekend had we not been out of town) done.

When we got back our yard was just gorgeously in bloom. There’s azaleas everywhere in all these different colors, and the wisteria that practically sold me the house is hanging directly above my bedroom window with its million little grape cluster flowers. I can’t wait to go out there and breathe in the delicious scent of my childhood. Even the front yard has these jonquils or something all flowering like nobody’s business. A bunch of tulip looking things in red and yellow popped up where I didn’t think anything had been planted. Hurray for buying a house from gardeners and hurray for perrenials.

The trip was good. The wedding was nice. The best thing of all was that Sophia was just stellar. Instead of her standard 90 percent of the time good behavior rate she outdid herself with somewhere in the 95-97 percentile. She had very few and very minor meltdowns, mostly when we were late getting her to her naps or getting her to bed. Once in the airport on the way home. However, in none of the airplanes were we the parents with that baby. We did rely pretty heavily on the pacifier, too, but we’re still quite pleased and quite proud of our not quite two-year-old girl. Many, many kind people commented to us about how well behaved our baby was. An inordinate number told us how beautiful she was. So much so that Kurt asked me at one point, “Is Sophia just prettier than other babies?” I told him that I didn’t think so, that people a – are being nice and b – like babies. I mean, yeah, she’s cute, but very few babies her age aren’t. She was shy some of the time, but she’d also flirt and smile coyly at people, so I think she really enjoyed the attention. She looked magnificent in her little dress too. The photographer got a GREAT picture of her sitting in Kurt’s lap at the reception. And, the photographer had a sweet setup, too. She had a standard SLR and a slick, slick digital camera. The kind that takes standard SLR lenses that I always drool over but costs a zillion dollars. Of course, that’s her livelihood too, so naturally she has good quality instruments. Anyways, she’d also brought her Mac, and it was the lamp looking one. So about halfway through the reception she downloaded a bunch of the pictures so that people could come by and check them out. It was really cool. She had a real keen eye for both the posed and the candid pictures. I was commenting about how nicely the pictures came out and she was saying that she had a really cute one of Sophia and I told her I had seen it and she looked at me and said “But I don’t have one of you and your daughter.” Believe me, I had noticed that too, with some relief, actually. I was all yeah, that’s alright, I’m not the one getting married, etc. But to no avail. She followed me around and took a picture of me and Sophia dancing to “Love Shack” by the B-52s. I’m probably going to have my mouth open singing, “….where we can GET TOGETHER!” Still, if there’s only one picture of me in the entire batch of 300 or so, I can still be relatively anonymous, right?

We discovered that Sophia has almost outgrown the playpen and that we’ll need some other place for her to sleep when we go to Switzerland.

The site of the wedding was really beautiful. Sophia had a blast walking around in the small garden. She learned two new words “fountain” and “statue” and was delighted when I picked her up and she could see that the bowl of the fountain had water in it. “Wa-wa! Wa-wa!”she exclaimed. She kept dragging me out there to look at it over and over again.

Of the weddings I have been to, this one was probably the most formal. It’s the only night time wedding I have been to in this country. Kurt looked soooooo good in his tux. He always does, he has the perfect frame for it. I was probably underdressed, but I don’t think anyone noticed or cared, and I did the best I could considering I had to keep up with Sophia. There was this cute teenage girl who was standing off by herself that I talked to quite a bit. She was wearing a long purple and black velvety goth looking dress and I thought it quite suited her.

Of the weddings I have been to, this one was also the most disorganized. They desperately, desperately needed one of those wedding planner people. Not having been in the wedding party, when I mentioned that this wedding seemed disorganized to people more directly involved I got a lot of “you don’t know the half of it”. For example, I was told like a thousand times that I would be seated near the wedding party, so that Kurt and I would sort of be nearby. Everytime we were told this I assured the groom and bride that it didn’t matter, that it would be ok and that I would sit wherever. Still, they insisted that I was going to be sitting near Kurt and that it had all been very carefully arranged. Of course, you will know before I even get it typed that I was seated at the furthest possible table from Kurt. You will also know that it didn’t really matter and I didn’t really care, but that gives you an idea of what a zoo things were. Ultimately though, like all weddings, well-planned or not, they were married and people had a good time. Which is, I suppose, all that counts, right?

I did take my paper journal, but I didn’t write a single word in it.

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