June 25th, 2003

25 Jun 2003, by

Well, I didn’t get much sympathy (though what I did get is much appreciated. Many thanks, loyal readers, though your numbers be few). There’s even been calls for me to post. Well, only one call, actually. In response to that expression of interest I cursed the blog and claimed I’d never post here again, still feeling horribly wronged by the loss of my prior eloquently crafted entry, but here I am. Sometimes I keep lists of what I will post here when I get the time or inclination on postit notes near my computer or in open Vim sessions. My current list says “proud of number of entries this month”, because prior to the loss of last week I had been posting at an alarming rate, almost every day for almost two weeks. I was very proud of myself. Then, I proceeded to cut off my nose because I was mad at my face and now I don’t have much to brag about in that regard. However, it’s something I can cross off my list, so I guess there’s a plus side. Hmmmm, I’m starting to get that maybe this isn’t such a good time to write because I’m in a foul mood feeling…

Well, I’m not going to stop, but you may want to watch your step around here. No telling what muck is fixing to fly about.

This morning I woke very tired. I don’t know why sleep didn’t refresh me, but I’m not happy about it. I also had my dream for about two seconds and then it vanished. Bah. Also, my daycare is having me sell stuff, something I’m notoriously unsuited to do, to raise money for them. Ugh. Please buy candles. When I got Sophia ready for daycare today she was recalcitrant and slow and determined to keep me from getting there (and by extension, to work) on time. She demanded, at one point, after I tried to distract her from the tantrum about the ponytail holder by showing her the snake poster on the fridge, to be taken to the museum. When I told her we couldn’t go there today because duh! daycare she fell to the floor screaming as if I’d struck her. Gah. What a day. I loaded her into the car, finally, (now squalling about how the seatbelt was “MINE” and she didn’t want me to touch it or fasten it about her) and Sergei was barking his head off. As he does every morning. This galls me because I don’t know if he barks the entire day and pisses off my neighbors (stay at homes on both sides) or just as I’m leaving so that I feel guilty for leaving him tied out in the yard. Which no one would be happier not to do than me, by the way, but he won’t quit breaking out of the fence and roaming all over the neighborhood. Meanwhile, he continues to dig up the yard and behave in ways that annoy me, though so far he hasn’t gotten out of the yard and been hit by a car. I’m holding a coin and prepared to toss it up on whether this is a plus or a minus. I’m kind of at the end of my tether on the whole dog/yard thing. Kurt says “There are ways to make him stop digging.” I am surly and have little faith. Our lovely lawn furniture and Sophia’s cute playtable are covered in mud, unusable. Another task we do not need in our daily routine is to wash these things off. The lovely border grass separating patio from yard has been completely dug up and savaged. Garden newbies that we are, we are incapable of replacing it and it will never look nice again. Even if we did replace it, it would take Sergei approximately fifteen seconds to dig it up again. He did not bark at our old house. He did dig, but Kurt said it was because we left him with no shade and he wanted to get to the cool ground. He broke out all the time too, and we had incidents with animal control. He has a much larger yard and much more shade now and acts like we’ve done him wrong. Grrr.

Let’s see, what else can I complain about? I’m still in despair over the Patriot Act, the Supreme Court on filters in libraries, the tax-cuts for the wealthy, and the way our country is being run (into the ground). I’m wondering whether I should buy one of these t-shirts for my trip to Europe. (Make yourself heard! Should I buy the shirt or not?) Or perhaps learn how to say “Appointed! Not elected!” in German and Italian. I expected to get my passport this week, btw, which had to be renewed but instead what I got was a letter from the passport agency telling me I had filled out the form wrong, despite the fact that I had gone down to the local passport office and had a human look it over to make sure everything was in order. Curses! Now I have to hope I’ll get it on time. On Monday, at Yoga, I was mortified when I tried to do a headstand in the middle of the room and came crashing down. I didn’t hurt myself, but the teacher came rushing over and apologized for not spotting me and I was very embarassed to be noticed by everyone in the class at the exact apex of my failure. See, I didn’t think I needed a spotter. I thought I could do it. I do it at home! It was very humiliating. I crawled over to the wall, defeated, and did a headstand against the wall, like the total newbie I apparently am. Also on Monday I discovered that someone had called the Reference Desk over the weekend because the Sovereignty Commission web stuff was down. That was great because someone noticed within 24 hours of it going down, validating all my hard work on it and proving its usefulness to the world, but sucked because I needed Matthew to fix it, who was unavailable. He had asked me on Friday if everything was working, probably because he knew he wouldn’t be there on Monday, but I had not checked everything before I told him that it was. Bleh. However, it’s working now, so that’s good.

So yeah. Welcome back. Gripefest shall continue after I’ve had lunch because I’m starving. Maybe.

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