October 13th, 2003

13 Oct 2003, by

I’ve thought about this for about a week, and I’ve decided to participate in fragment which is a writing meme. I’m not really into the meme thing, normally. However, this is for writing practice, and I can always use more writing practice. It works like so : this guy posts some phrases once a week and you write something using some or all of them. Then you submit a form with a linky link to your fragment and he lists it with all the other participants for the week. I had last weeks phrases but I just stared at them a lot. This week I decided I would write something, and as usual, I found myself kind of hollow, without any new ideas. Determined, I decided I could travel familiar pathways and
enjoy some characters who have been with me a really long, long time.

I hope to participate in the fragment on a weekly basis, but I don’t know how well that will work out for me (specially with *gulp* Nanowrimo coming up). In the meantime, I’ll treat it as I do the dream entries, assuming that not everyone will really be interested in them and so the actual writing bit will be behind the extended tag, and this part will just be the general disclaimer. So here goes, you won’t like this if you’re my mom or squeamish or think vampires are stupid and overdone or simply not that interested in other people’s fiction. Read at your own risk.

This week’s fragments (they’ll be italicized in the text) are :

  • didn’t feel like
  • she got off the
  • you think it’s

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