December 10th, 2003

10 Dec 2003, by


This morning I had some mail to put out, so Sophia and I walked to the mailbox at the end of the driveway to put the letters in. It was bitterly cold and the wind was blowing rather emphatically and Sophia said ,”It’s cold, so I have my jacket on.” and I agreed that jackets were good things to have when it was cold. We put the letters in the new mailbox (our old one fell over last week and Kurt replaced it) and the wind blew even more strongly and I rushed up the driveway telling Sophia to hurry so we could get in the car and out of the wind. When I climbed into the back seat to buckle her up into the car seat, I noticed that her eyes were watering. I guess she doesn’t know enough about being in the wind to duck down her head a little and was just letting the wind blow straight at her face the whole walk back to the car. For some reason, I found this very sweet.

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