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This morning as I was fastening the belt on Sophia’s car seat she was singing “Polly Wolly Doodle” or the portion of that which she knows, which is the chorus. When she had run through it a couple of times and stopped, I casually observed,
“We like music, don’t we?”

Contrarian as she is, she immediately replied, “No. We don’t like music.”

“Well, I like music,”I amended.

“No!” she insisted,”You don’t like music!”

I raised my eyebrows, “I don’t?”

“You don’t like music,” she affirmed confidently.

“Well, if I don’t like music, then what do I like?”

“You like pancakes!”

“Yes. Yes I do. I like pancakes.”

“You like pancakes in Sophia’s room.”

This refers to a game we play with her dishes, wherein she declares it to be “foodtime”, goes into her closet and pulls out all her toy dishes and serves you “pancakes for dinner” and tea. I don’t know why it’s always pancakes for dinner. Once, around Thanksgiving of last year, she served turkey sushi, and once a couple of weeks ago she served king cake, but nine times out of ten it’s pancakes, even if you ask for something else.

“I like to have pancakes for dinner in Sophia’s room. I also like to eat pancakes at the restaurant,” I tell her, trying to jog her memory about going out for breakfast last weekend.

“Noooooo, no pancakes at the restaurant! At the restaurant we have jello!”

Her memory had been jogged alright, but instead of to last weekend she was remembering Wednesday night, when we went to the Chinese place and they brought her a big plate of jello after her meal. She was, as usual, absolutely right.

“That’s true,”I conceded,”We eat jello at the restaurant.”


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