June 1st, 2004

A fraud exposed, and a true thing…

I linked this when it first appeared, as a true thing, of course, which it isn’t. I stand corrected.

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I can safely say, that even though I haven’t blogged in over a month, it’s not because I’m a slacker. Just this once I have a reliable excuse: I have this newborn child to take care of. For those of you with children, I needn’t explain, but for those of you without, let me just say that I’m living on a spectrum of exhaustion that slides from “very tired” to “not as tired” and I don’t remember what “not tired” was like anymore. My husband says that the person who can invent a sleep battery would be a millionaire. That way you could store up sleep from less hectic times to counteract the deficits that occur at other times in life. I am in favor of this idea. Someone get to working on it.

I actually have been working on a blog entry with details about Simone’s birth, but progress on it is intermittent and I don’t know when it will get finished. However, people have started asking me when if ever I’m going to post again, so I figured it was time for a small peep of some type. So, very briefly :

  • Pictues of lovely Simone can be seen here (thanks Chris Goodwin for taking them less than 12 hours after birth, and for Lego to posting them within 24 hours of birth), here in the SlithyToves official birth announcement and last, but not least, here in a heroic attempt by Kurt to stave off the constant pressure for more pictures from various and sundry interested parties.
  • The weather is atrocious. It has been rumbling thunder and crackling lightning and pouring rain all day. My dog, Sergei, is terrified. I am sitting in bed drinking tea with the candles in the fireplace lit, which is exactly what one should do in this type of weather.
  • Sophia’s birthday was this past weekend. She turned three. It’s incredible to think she was once a seven pound little baby, much like Simone is now. She is a complex and wonderful child who is handling big sisterhood with adroitness and aplomb.
  • The search is on for an appropriate nickname for Simone. Her surprising and tremendous head of dark hair at birth had me calling her “Little Raven” for about a week, but it didn’t really have the sonorous ring I was looking for. I wasn’t keen on the whole psychopomp thing that implied either. Then, around the third week of life she porked out and her prodigious fat rolls, double chin, pudgy Buddha-like cheeks, and slanty eyes made me think she needed an Asian name. Tried “Lotus Blossom” and it didn’t fit. Was told that calling her “Piglet” could scar her for life. Currently, I’m calling her the “Little Bunny”. I have no idea why, and every time Sophia hears me she says “Don’t call her little bunny!” and when I ask what I should call her she replies,”SIMONE.” Suggestions for an appropriate nickname should be included in the comments.
  • I am typing this on my brand new laptop. Meet Tuzanor, my new iBook. Tuzanor replaces the much mourned White Star, who passed earlier in the year with a hard drive failure that completely broke my heart and wrecked my life. I’m being a little tentative with Tuzanor as a result of my experiences with White Star. I’ve yet to sync my iPod, for example, or save any files to the hard drive. My Clie also remains unsynced. I’m just browsing the web right now, and I refuse to put any files on here until I’ve implemented a good backup strategy. Still, Tuzanor is a G4 and has a bigger hard drive and bigger screen than White Star had, and I can tell I’m going to love this laptop very, very much.

I have many, many more things to tell you, but they will have to wait, or remain untold. I hope to post again soon.

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