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So yeah, day ended better than it had begun and middled. Turned out to be a passable birthday, despite my wails to my husband at one point of “This is the worst birthday ever!”. My family was very good to me. There was cake. And presents. Did I mention how I like presents? And email from people wishing me happy birthday with timestamps older than my blog entry and from people whom I know
don’t read my blog at all. Note to self : if it’s your birthday, try checking your email before announcing it utterly forgotten by everyone you know. Sophia was enthusiastic and excited as we gathered around for
dinner, shouting “Yay! Mama! Happy Birthday, Mama!”. She helped me open my presents, relishing the unwrapping without caring that the objects unwrapped were not for her. She led the chorus of Happy Birthday. She wanted a second helping of cake, but didn’t get it. Her unbridled joy was amazing, a truly unparalleled gift. The physical gift that my husband conspired with her to have her get me was pretty cool too :
It’s the biggest lego set I’ve ever gotten in my entire life. Even bigger than the scary laboratory. I can’t wait to sit down and build it. Sophia says she wants to help.


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