September 24th, 2004

Excerpted from the chatroom I frequent:

10:09:05 [Anarkey] i am a flighty and ditzy girl, because yesterday i claimed my never-ending love for sed, and the day before my deep infatuation with cut, but today it’s vim that’s making me squirm and swoon

10:09:27 [shasticon] Fickle and faithless wench!

10:09:31 [Anarkey] i LOVE vim

10:09:46 [Anarkey] indeed shas, but is there not enough love in my heart for all three unix utilities?

10:10:34 [shasticon] Monday you’re going to come flouncing in here all gushy about grep.

10:11:30 [Anarkey] ah yes, i do a harbor a crush on grep

10:12:47 [lanfaedhe] sed seems like a useful tool. I’ve only recently learned cut and it rocks and I love it

10:12:51 [Discordanian] Grep is good. Very good. But then. Come on and we can make it ten! Look! Ten utils up on top, we’re not going to let them drop.

10:13:21 [lanfaedhe] with grep I can hop and drink! you windows folks cant do this I think!

Hope you found this as amusing as I did. Happy Friday!

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