October 5th, 2004

5 Oct 2004, by

Don’t Panic

Ok, so maybe I misread the bill. It’s still a very bad no good piece of law that should never pass. But apparently it only applies to foreigners. So if you happen to think that the distinction on whether we shuttle people around to be tortured should depend on whether they’re American citizens or not, you might want to retract the letter to your congressperson that I asked you to send in the last entry. I am still opposed, heartily, but figured I should set my record straight. In case you feel burned by my earlier assertions, you can read the bill in pdf form for yourself here. The relevant sections are 3031 and 3032. You’ll not there’s noise about making passports required for Americans going to Canada and Mexico as well, a little before that. I thought that was interesting. Thanks, Shas for clearing that part up for me and linking me to the full text of the bill.

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