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<%image(20041207-med-01sophialegochicago20040904.jpg|384|512|Sophia at the Lego Store in Chicago)%>

This is what my daughter looked like, exploring the Lego store in Chicago during Labor Day Weekend. I love the intensity of her concentration, and the way her feet are crossed. I love the jumper she’s wearing, with what she calls her “squirrel pocket” because it has a picture of a squirrel on it. Thanks to Kurt‘s hard work this past week, we are completely caught up in the photo database (we had been about 300 photos behind, because I couldn’t make myself go through all the photos from earlier in the year that had Simone in them). So if you haven’t browsed there recently, you might want to check out the photo database. You can see almost everything we’ve been up to this past year, including a number of very lovely pictures of Simone, like this one:

<%image(20041207-med-02simoneishome20040610.jpg|256|192|Simone napping at home)%>


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