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Ok, so you’ve probably figured by my lack of writing updates that it’s not going so well. Right. So, let’s see, I last left you on Thursday of last week. On Friday I struggled with whatever it is that I’m currently writing, and managed 608 words on it. The weekend had no writing days (again! I’m not sure if I’m going to get a regular weekend writing day or not). On Monday I read over everything I’d written so far and was reasonably pleased with it so I tweaked it around a bit to add 708 words or so. Then I got stuck and became increasingly concerned about what I’d already written and spent a little time trying to do basic research which I desperately need. I looked up stuff like lunar regolith. I kept worrying that what I’d written didn’t make any sense, that it would be obvious to people that I was just making everything up. Never mind that this is what I always do when writing. What everyone does. So there was doubt and the temptation to bail. Yesterday I was pretty disillusioned, still, and uncertain so I used my writing time to read. Yeah. What’s the point of being home all day if I can’t just read sometimes? I’m reading Caitlin R. Kiernan’s book Threshold. It’s pretty good, actually, and I might review it here later. I checked it out of the library, figured it was probably time to read something of hers. Anyways. I’m still stuck. Today I did some more research and wrote a halting 182 words. I see the vague outlines of the thing but I don’t have all the pieces, and I sure don’t know what pieces come next. I think I might try and skip around a little, and go back and fill stuff in later, but that’s not normally how I write, so I don’t know if it will work for me. On the other hand, I can only write the parts I already know about, and since I don’t quite know what comes next, maybe I should just skip to the part I know about. I need a lot more concrete information than what I currently have to keep writing on this thing. It’s kind of strange, because the writing seems to go much much slower on this, even though it will probably be far more words in the end. I don’t know if it’s crawling so because I’m unprepared to do it yet, or because it’s a bigger work, or what. All I know is having a regular job with regular hours is a lot easier in a lot of ways than doing this.


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