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The upgrade has been completed, and as near as I can tell, nothing’s broken. I added two plugins. One is a Nucleus wrapper for the Pivot-blacklist created by Marco van Hylckama Vlieg. I also added a Comment Control feature that prompts me anytime comments are added to threads that are over 60 days old. These comments aren’t posted, but are placed to a preview section, where I can look them over and approve them. Thus armed, I have re-enabled comments for the time being. We’ll see how effective I am against the spammers. Interestingly enough, I never disallowed comments on Sophia’s site, which suggests that a site must have a minimum amount of traffic before it’s noticed by the bots. It can’t be much, as I have a pretty low traffic blog, but it apparently there is a threshold beneath which they can’t be bothered.


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