April 28th, 2005

I just discovered that NPR has about a zillion RSS feeds available. Coooooooool.

In other cool news, I found the Online Parallel Bible via Elizabeth Bear (see a vast array of versions of the Great Commission, for example). Haven’t yet figured out how to read things in context and seeing only one verse at a time is frustrating but it’s still nifty to see all those versions all lined up like that.

As everyone under the sun has already mentioned, the Serenity trailer is out. It’s beautiful and a little scary. Beautiful because I love this world and this story and am so ready to be taken back into it, scary because the trailer was all about River, one of my least favorite characters. It totally chintzed on Zoe (probably my favorite character) and didn’t even show Book and Kaylee. I know that it’s just a trailer, but still, it makes me antsy. I don’t want to see Kung Fu River, I want to see the ship and Mal and the crew and…c’mon Joss, I’m really invested, please make it good.

Serenity is one of three movies that I’m seriously looking forward to this year, the other two are Mirrormask (also in September, yay!) and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (December release!). I’m going to see Star Wars on opening day, I’ve already got tickets, but I’m not excited at all about that. Stars in my eyes for Serenity, though. That will put me at six movies for the year (I’ve already seen House of Flying Daggers and The Incredibles). I think I saw seven or eight last year. In general, movies hold a lot less interest for me than they did in the past. My interest wanes steadily every year. On the other hand, though I see far fewer movies overall, I fully enjoy all of them, so I guess I’m better at picking what I want to see and passing on things that aren’t as good. I couldn’t even summon eagerness to go see Kung Fu Hustle, though I bet I would have enjoyed it. I sort of wanted to see Bride and Prejudice, but on the week that I could have gone I opted to do something else instead.

This morning I heard on NPR that there’s been a for real, true, verified sighting of an ivory billed woodpecker. This is like the holy grail of american bird species. It put the tiniest ray of sunshine in my day. It’s not because it somehow means we’re not decimating the planet with pointless consumer consumption, overpopulation and greed. It’s quite obvious that we are. But that one gorgeous native bird we thought wiped from the earth is still with us, at least today. It gives me hope. Our situation is dire, yes, but perhaps not irredeemable.

Research for YWGYSL has led me to this nifty little site showing a potential first Mars base.

My husband tells me I failed to mention here that I found my yoga mat. It was at the yoga center where I practice on Tuesdays, behind a curtain which serves as the lost and found. I had looked around for it on my own, but it wasn’t anywhere obvious or accessible. However when I asked my teacher about it she showed me where lost mats rest. I’m so happy to have it back that I washed it, according to my yoga teacher’s instructions, which are amazingly easy : put in washing machine on gentle cycle with exactly one drop of dish detergent. And one of these days, I keep thinking I might write a post about yoga.

I joined stlbloggers (and stuff like this is yet another reason why I love living in St. Louis), so if you’ve popped in from over there, welcome! Also welcome if you got here from my excessive peddling of this url at my writer’s group. I’ll have to quit saying nasty things about you guys from now on, I suppose.

Since this is a post of links, the following is a shopping list made easy, for my husband. The rest of you can stop here. He’ll need this handy linkified list for May 8, which is Mother’s Day. I could really use some yoga stuff, like a yoga ball, a yoga blanket or an eye pillow. For pure pampering luxury, guaranteed to put me in a good disposition, try some bath bombs, some of my tried and true magie noire, or if you think I should expand my scent repertoire, try a few exciting and intriguing samples from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (though this would not arrive on time, so you might want a backup gift to accompany this, and so you’re not overwhelmed, here’s a few suggestions). If you wish to cater to my undying love for chocolate, please remember Salvato’s Cioccolato. If that fails, try some headphones, Elizabeth Bear’s Hammered, or any of the gabillion things on my amazon wishlist. I’ve set you up for success and I look forward to your flying colors.

Tomorrow a book review. Maybe.

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