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I am waiting for the day in which things no longer continue to get worse, in which there is more good news out of Katrina devastated areas than bad news. Today was not it, but maybe – maybe tomorrow. We still don’t have death tolls (though as of yesterday they were saying around 20,000 missing. Some of those folks are bound to be found alive). I haven’t said the last thing I will say about Katrina and our government, but I haven’t the energy to go any further now, and I’m disconnecting for a bit and sparing you all.

Tomorrow Sophia goes back to school and I will go back to my work. I can’t remember the last time I had writing time. Tomorrow my yoga class starts back up again as well, and I’ve been needing that for the six weeks I haven’t had it, especially during the last one. An hour to just bend my body and empty my mind. Yes. That will be fine indeed.

In other news, Kurt and I finished watching the first season of Deadwood on DVD this week. It’s so cute that the only good guy is Canadian (well, the Austrian Jew is a pretty decent guy, too, but not in the heroic way the Canadian is). Man, that’s a good show. It’s clear that someone did a LOT of research on language; the dialog is amazing and leaves so much room for acting. I want to write dialog like that. Also, I never, never, never want to watch a TV show again except in collected season DVD format. I’ve converted several folks from my writer’s group to Firefly, only to realize that I’m going to be out of town when Serenity comes to theaters at the end of September. They’ll have to go without me. Three movies left to go to this year : Serenity, Mirrormask and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I’ve confirmed that Mirrormask IS in fact showing at our beloved Tivoli theater but it too is set to open the weekend before Viable Paradise, and I’ll be gone. I hope it shows long enough for me to get back and see it.

Oh, right, and I got my first rejection a couple of weeks ago. I was holding off on mentioning that until I had sent the story back out again, under some kind of barely formulated feeling that I would turn the thing right around and send it out again but I am slow in every way, including this one. The first rejection is over with, now I’ve just got to get all the others in my allotment before the first acceptance. Merrie says it’s all about persistence. Here’s to hoping she’s right.


Mon 05th Sep 2005 at 11:07 pm

I’m so glad you enjoyed Deadwood. I love love loved the end of the first season. The second season is also totally worth your time, though it goes a bit darker, with at least one new and wholly unlikeable character. The pacing of that show is just wonderful, which is one of the reasons HBO is my favorite channel anymore. When you don’t have to pause for commercials or edit for language, you can write so much more for story and character. No broadcast network shows have that kind of fearless beholden-to-no-one pacing.

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