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So, for a nice change of pace, here’s a host of engaging links:

Roses are Red” (from Emilie Autumn’s site, via Shasticon)

Hilarious conversation on the “Crazification factor” (from Kung Fu Monkey via slacktivist). Lines I especially enjoyed were “John: I am not spotting him eight hundred million Hindus. I call shenanigans.” and “John: You realize this leads to there being over 30 million crazy people in the US? Tyrone: Does that seem wrong? John: … a bit low, actually.”

New Orleans news : Doing the right thing during Katrina, this mystifying collection of refrigerator graffiti, Chris Rose asks “Are You Nuts?” (answer, if you’re living in New Orleans, you must be) and gives lurch lessons (via Poppy Z. Brite — also check out her pictures of the Lower Ninth Ward). Some people can’t face going back. Cokie tells NPR about surreal things in New Orleans: no children, no black people and at least 4,000 persons still missing. Firefighters from my area that volunteered to help with Katrina report their frustrations with FEMA.

For all my non-cat-loving friends : “Why being into cats is essentially the same as being into psychotic tweakers.” (via Naomi Kritzer)

And because anything labeled “Monkey Math Machine” is cool, read about how semantic congruity may not be related to language.

In dinosaur news, which it is now my business to know, because of Sophia : recently they’ve found a mean croc ancestor with a dinosaur head, Dakosaurus andiniensis, as well as a new small member of the raptor family, Buitreraptor. Both these fossil finds were made in Argentina and “buitre” is the Spanish word for vulture.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden tells a hilarious story from Capclave. Do not read if you are offended by dinosaurs, sodomy, or any combination thereof. The cool thing about Making Light is that when I read entries these days I hear them in the voices of Teresa, Patrick and Jim inside my head.

Of course, I wish I could show all those authors who anguish over their poor amazon reviews this lovely collection of one star reviews (saw this all over place, but possibly at Elizabeth Bear’s LiveJournal first). See? Everyone gets them. Although, I have to say, I’m kind of on board with the guy who hated The Sun Also Rises. Ugh, Hemingway.

I want everyone to know that I, as a woman, am “inclined to be nervous and…happier with change.”

Did you know that all those pretty colored autumn leaves are trees waging chemical warfare? Me neither.

I’m saving this great word to unleash on someone : bullcrit.

Special note for my friend Kostia: You’ve certainly already heard it, but Terry Gross’ interview with Bruce Springsteen was good, even by a non-Springsteen fan standard.

And one more thing, don’t hit your kids. Whether it’s the cultural norm or not, it adversely affects them.

Huh. What do you know. This still isn’t book reviews.


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