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Happy New Year!

I’ve eaten my black-eyed peas, like a good Southerner, so I should have good luck and oodles of cash this year.

To close out my 2006 business, I’ll start documenting the reading vacation:

The Year’s Best Science Fiction 22nd Annual Collection edited by Gardner Dozois. (best guess 27) [specfic, anthology]. I checked this out of the library. From my written notes:”Best stories in this volume were originally published in SCIFICTION, making me even sadder that this market bellied up. Highlights: ‘Inappropriate Behavior’ by Pat Murphy, ‘The Voluntary State’ by Chris Rowe, ‘Scout’s Honor’ by Terry Bission, ‘Synthetic Serendipity’ by Vernor Vinge, ‘Ten Sigmas’ by Walter Jon Williams, and ‘Leviathan Wept’. Duds: ‘Delhi’ by Vandana Singh, ‘Sitka’ by William Sanders, ‘Mayflower II’ by Stephen Baxter, ‘Tourism’ by M. John Harrison. Frustrating:’Skin Deep’ by Mary Rosenblum and ‘Tribes of Bela’ by Albert E. Crowley. Poorest copyediting ever : ‘Mayflower II’ by Stephen Baxter.” Finished on 12/22/06.

Clan Apis by Jay Hosler. (guess 28) [graphic novel]. The story of a bee as it cycles through life in the hive. From my written notes: “Very enjoyable.” Finished on 12/22/06.

Ethan of Athos by Lois McMaster Bujold. (guess 29) [specfic]. The tale of a man who has led an extremely sheltered life as a doctor on a planet consisting only of men as he leaves the shelter of his home and what he has known. Because it’s Bujold, intrigue and embroilments follow, of course. From my written notes:”Most enjoyable read. I really admire the way Bujold doesn’t stint philosophical questions, even as she’s managing fast-paced, complex plots. There is lots to think about here.” Finished on 12/23/06.

The next book on my list is Buenos Aires which was terrible and needs to be kept away from the other good books, so I will put it in a post all its own, tomorrow. Teach me to pick my own books, I guess, since it was the only one unendorsed by the kind readers of this blog.


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