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  • Bus lines ridden : 3 (86,5,92, plus the subte)
  • Number of empanadas eaten: 16 (6 fried, 10 baked)
  • Museums visited: 2 (de los ninyos, MNBA, plus the Centro Cultural Borges)
  • Goya paintings observed: 8
  • Of the eight, number that were from his dark period: 6
  • Parks strolled through: 3 (Dorrego, Ernesto-Guevara-formerly-Ramon-Falcon, Recoleta)
  • Days it has rained: 6
  • Fiction words written: 0
  • Ice cream flavors eaten: 15 (unless I miss my count, which is possible, there could have been more)
  • Loads of laundry done: 4 (2 myself, and two at the laundry place)
  • Real estate offices I stop in front of to browse listings: all of them

These represent, where applicable, family totals. I discovered long ago that my RSS formatting hacks up at accent marks, so you’ll forgive the absence of those and of enyes, I hope.


Mon 02nd Apr 2007 at 8:55 pm

I am so jealous – be sure to have an empanada for me! By the way, how is Sophia’s Spanish? Talk about a great opportunity to practice!

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