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I got a new camera for Christmas, and it makes it look like I know what I’m doing when I take pictures. It’s AMAZING.

Sophia Profile, Christmas 2007Kurt Profile, Christmas Day 2007Sophia Runs, Christmas 2007Sophia on monkeybars, Christmas 2007Sophia laughs, Christmas 2007

Additional good things: calls from various family members (even the ones in South America!), delicious dinner fixed by spouse, many cups of tea, a splendid sunny walk in the afternoon, a refurb ipod nano (refurb because I am holding a hateful grudge against the video nanos and this is the only way to not get video), some very awesome books (happy shape! happy shape!), a handmade sewing kit and placemat (from Sophia), a lovely tea box, as well as oranges and chocolates and nuts as is proper in a stocking. But the mindblowing thing is the camera. Expect new stuff in the photo database very soon (consider this post a sneak preview)!

The spouse got the way cool guitar hero III (and his family searched the world for it, because we love him so) and a bike helmet (we care about your safety!) as well as handmade stuff from Sophia, a vest from his parents and popcorn from the inlaws. Sophia got more things than she could name (she told her cousins,”Can I just tell you about two things?”) including the desperately longed for “Crystal Princess Lily Lightly”. The successes seem to be the Polly Pocket jet plane, the My Little Pony Teapot Palace and the aforementioned Crystal Princess. Though near as I can tell, nothing is a disappointment. Even the embroidered with her name ‘cartuchera’ (grrrr, the English word escapes me at the moment) got oohs of appreciation and a generous,”I have been wanting one of these.”

A couple of photos of loot:
Guitar Hero WeaponryTeapot Palace

We are blessed, that much is clear. Hope you are feeling blessed as well.


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