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Happy New Year!

For today’s trick, I’m giving you a photograph. With any luck it will be the first of many. I mean, not luck, perseverance! With any perseverance, then, it will be the first of many. I heard on the local radio show today that women are more likely to stick to their resolutions if they announce them. This year, I’m going to try Project 365, which means I intend to try and take one picture each day during 2008. The goal is to get better at taking pictures. I mean, granted, the new camera does make me look like I know what I’m doing. But I actually don’t know what I’m doing. Yet. But at the end of this year…364 pictures from now? I will. Seems simple, no?

Does this mean I’m going to be posting every day?

Ha. You’re funny.

I’ll try to get the pictures up two times a week. That’d still be more blog posts than you’ve been getting, right? And they’ll be posts with more than just blah blah blah words. Pictures! Action! Woohoo!

First Octagon Lid

Behold the hexagon lid. I got a new origami box book and I’ve been making boxes since Christmas. That there hexagon lid (base yet to be folded) is the single most complicated thing I’ve folded to date. Not bad, eh?

Also yoga. Also writing. The other things I mean to do this year. There I’ve told you. Keep me honest, right?

Happy New Year!


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