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I typed,”He’d written the algorhythm that compared the camera takes to the database headshots.”

“Wait,” says one of my brain hemispheres to the other, “Something’s not right about that word.”

“Which word?” asks the other hemisphere, now three sentences ahead, sentences that have not been typed because apparently the typing is controlled by the hung up on spelling hemisphere.

“That one. The rhythm word.”

“But rhythm is right. That’s how you spell it. Looks weird, I know, but it’s right. I’m positive. And it can’t be ‘algo’ that’s wrong. That’s totally basic spelling, no tricks there.”

“Something is WRONG, I tell you.”

“Ok, ok.”

Placate now or forever lose your next three sentences.

I flip to dashboard’s dictionary app and type ALGOR, happy yet again for its completion search.

Algorithm, it tells me.


“See?! I told you something was wrong!”

Heh. Brains are funny. Algorithm. But I still say Algorhythm is a cool word. It should apply to something. Algorhythm: a word looking for a meaning. Give it one today. Meanwhile, I have three more sentences to type.


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