19 June 2008 by Published in: entertainment 1 comment

The hot weather getting you down? Then I have a wintry story for you, refuge from the brilliant sun. Go read Theodora Goss’ beautiful and poetic story “The Rapid Advance of Sorrow“. It will transport you. It will make you stop sweating. I promise.


Fri 27th Jun 2008 at 4:26 pm

Lovely, eerie story. My only reservation about it was all the Hungary references…I hear plenty about Debrecen and Budapest from my father-in-law who grew up in Hungary. His stories are so very much more solid and earth-bound; so this ethereal narrative using words and locations that have a very material connotation for me, I found a little jarring. (He is so very NOT a young intellectual revolutionary…he’s brilliant but practical.)

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