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So, new game. In the past I have often used lyrics for post titles, because I love music, and I love how just a few sung words can so fully express thoughts and feelings. I have been inconsistent about whether I put quotes around the lyrics or not, and lately I’ve usually dispensed with the quotes, so it wasn’t always apparent I was using lyrics.

A few posts back I used a Sisters Of Mercy lyric:”Down the river there’s a ship will carry the dream” from the song Flood and the album Floodland. Which is a wonderful album, that I love deeply and rarely listen to anymore.

So, when I posted the SoM lyrics, Sunjunkie commented with the next line, which I thought was so cool that I’m turning it into a going forward game. Starting now, I’m awarding two points to anyone who comments with the next line of a song I use as a post title, or with the artist and song. Now I know you can all use google, and it would be very sad and unsporting if you used google to get your two points, but if you must, so be it. Also, I do not consider it cheating to look at my Last.Fm page, and that will often give you a good clue. My tastes are pretty wideranging, and I’ll try not to stick to a certain musical ghetto, so everyone will get chances to guess. BTW, sunjunkie gets two points starting out, so the rest of you are behind! Chop chop!

At some point I’ll add a tally to the sidebar to keep track of this.

At the end of the year, whomever has the most points will get…something. Not sure what. But it will be wonderful and extraordinary. Really!

In other musical news, today I went down to the basement in search of a CD to rip but failed to find it and ended up ripping: Throwing Muses, Poe, Pixies, Skinny Puppy, Red Delicious, A3, Curve, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Revolting Cocks, The The and Bel Canto. Hmmm, you think it’s summer? All of these contain much loved blaring from the car summer music, some of it going back more than 15 years. I guess I’m compressing all my previous summers down into this summer, by use of music. Hope it will be a good one.


Wed 09th Jul 2008 at 9:29 pm

Love is the only weapon, Anna.

Thu 10th Jul 2008 at 12:35 am

Something inside me just clicked, like a tick from a [something] season.

I’m usually terrible at these games.

Yay sneaker pimps and throwing muses, and apparently only two songs by these guys.

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