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Point of order, game score is as follows:

  • 2 points sunjunkie
  • 2 points jerm (even though he got the band name wrong, he got the lyrics right and that counts)
  • 2 points lanfaedhe (even though he cheated. He ‘fessed, and I thought about just giving him one point, but well, I can be flexible, right?)

It’s a tie so far. But it doesn’t have to be. There’s a couple of entries with unclaimed points out there. Perhaps even this one. I still mean to put a tally in the margin, so I won’t have to keep giving periodic updates.

I’ve had a few funny dreams lately, including one where I very gently told someone that it was ok to have trouble with endings, because endings are hard. Projecting, much? In another I was serving empanadas I had made to a large crowd of people, but they kept busting open and letting loose this disgusting looking sauce all over when I grabbed them with a pair of tongs.

I was delighted to discover today that my garlic chives have self-seeded, and that the random grassy things growing alongside my house are volunteer chives. Rock on! Also the scented geranium did really well in the back of the yard (what I think of as the bee/butterfly garden), much better than its brethren in my little herb plot. The gardenia bush died though, which is sad, because I love gardenias.

I finished a draft of my YA novel Cualcotel. Finally. It desperately needs another pass, but it is a fully formed thing right now, which is awesome. I rewarded myself with Spore, Amanda Palmer’s new CD, and The Field Guide to Surreal Botany. Yeah, that’s pretty excessive on the rewards scale. Still, I abandoned the other novel I started, so finishing this one, even if it’s short, is a big deal.

I can already feel the shortening of the days. The other day I wore jeans and socks for the first time in four months or so. The jeans were welcome, I love wearing jeans. My preferred self is barefoot, though, and the socks were less welcome. My daughter asked me, when the cool front came through and we threw open our windows, when it would snow. I told her it was a couple of months yet and she pouted. How unlike me she is! She longs for the snow and the cold and the dark.

It’s not usually a linkfest here, but two videos I have been enjoying a great deal are Amanda Palmer’s “Runs in the Family” which was an unexpected birthday present a couple of months ago, and International Victim’s “Apollo 14” which I discovered through FaceBook. Yes, I am now one of the FaceBook masses. It’s been…interesting. Don’t worry handful of blog readers, I shall not abandon you (or at least, no more than you are already semi-abandoned by me). There’s more room to say things here without feeling quite as self-absorbed and showy as FB feels. Though I have heard people say there’s no reason other than self-absorption for blogging. So, ehhhh, who’s to say? Not me, that’s for sure.

Oh right, and I know I’m probably the last person on the planet who watched the SNL Palin/Hillary opening, but I laughed so hard I got a stitch in my side watching it. “I can see Russia from my house!” and “I CANNOT!” The political season, too, has its own rewards, and it’s not all teethgrinding agony.


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