Took the dog out again today. Thought about how nice it was that I wasn’t going on a twenty minute walk with him. Believe that’s probably not in the spirit of forming a habit. Just realized that I’ll be gone on Friday and won’t be able to take him out then.

Down to two toilet related accidents today at work, even though I made every effort to put the child who had both accidents on the toilet. And he went! But then, as happens, he had to go again and didn’t make it. Twice. In four hours. At least it was all urine and no excrement today.

Wow. I really hope this blog doesn’t turn into a litany of the eliminatory antics of a bunch of three year olds. Let’s hope I’ll have not much to say in this regard in the future!

Tomorrow, I’m on my own, without the prior assistant, who is going on to her own job now.

Also, amazed at how the properly prepared environment invites the children to work. I know, that’s straight party line Montessori, but it’s just that it happens over and over and over again in the classroom and it never stops being cool.


Wed 06th Jan 2010 at 8:17 am

I dealt with my own kids’ accidents, but I’d be very depressed to have to deal with other peoples’ kids in that way. Well, on the bright side, they DO grow out of those accidents!

Wed 06th Jan 2010 at 12:56 pm

Out came the sun and dried up all the rain!

“It happens over and over and over again … and it never stops being cool” is great. I silently say some version of this to myself almost every day, when the cat flips over to let me rub his belly, when I get 100% playing Rock Band, when the timer makes the living room light come on, when birds come to the feeder, and so on. It never stops being cool.

Wed 06th Jan 2010 at 7:38 pm

2 points! Score adjusted to reflect this. I’ve been sometimes adjusting the scores in the sidebar without commenting, but I guess I should comment, so people aren’t wondering whether I gave them points.

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