long lost update

Hi there.

Wow. I’m not sure I even know how to do this business anymore. Hmmmm. Let me give it a try.

So, the thing that happens to me lately which I want to document is this:

When I’m in savasana (corpse pose) at the end of a yoga class, or even at other times, such as when I’m falling asleep, when I’m in a forward bend, or even when I’m just standing around observing the world, I get this recurring mental image.

In this image, my head has a hinge, and the top of my skull flips open. What is inside it, some kind of glowing, whitish ooze, start to flow/tumble/slither out. The ooze, I understand, is the essence of whatever is me. It leaves me, bit by bit, and dissipates into the greater universe. I am literally unmade.

Yeah. I have no idea what it means either or where it came from. It’s just there. I admit I find it fairly comforting. Maybe you have a similar thing?

It’s kind of nice, actually, to have a place to set things down, even if I don’t use it much.

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I wonder if I search the first lines of my posts how many of them would begin by excusing my long absence from posting with an explanation of how busy I’ve been. Well, here we go, this is no different, but since you’ve doubtless seen that part before, I’ll skip past the making excuses part and get straight to the summary.

At the end of April, the day after I had completed some fabulous and yet draining observations at Near North Montessori school, a storm passing through St. Louis uprooted two trees and they fell onto our house. The damage is pretty extensive, and the repairs have not begun yet, over two months later.

At first the insurance company put us up in a hotel, but when it became clear that we were going to be out of the house for months rather than weeks, they had us move to a rental house. So on top of working a regular daily job since January, traveling to my midwinter training in Kansas City for a weekend in January and doing a week and a half of observations in Chicago in April, I have moved twice since I last posted.

Now I’m in Kansas City for the summer, while my family lives in a little rental house in St. Louis. The bulk of our belongings are packed away, and we literally do not know where they are. We have only what we took when we left the house for what was supposed to be just a few weeks. We still have access to our basement, and everything there, but that’s it.

As can be imagined, there’s a lot of upheaval and disorganization created by this state of affairs. This is not a tragic event, by any means, but it is an inconvenient one. Having to move twice during the last six weeks of school, the same ones filled to the brim with extra events and activities, as well as trying to do my homework for the summer was rather hectic. Homework, by the way, which I did not complete, so I have stuff to hand in pending even as I type.

So…yeah. Busy.

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