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So guess what? Sophia’s graduating from Toddler A to Toddler B. We got the note in her
bag yesterday. On Monday she goes to join the big Toddlers. I find this so exciting!
She will be in a class with her beloved “Bicky”. It’s not like the kids from both
classes don’t spend most of their time together anyhow, but the older kids do things like
crafts and have more structured activities. Apparently the criteria for graduation are
based on how many words she’s saying and comprehending (yes, I’m embarrassed again about
having worried about that) and her capability to do certain activities (sit still, glue
bits to papers, that kind of thing). So hurray for Sophia! I wish regular school was
like that, where they look at your kid, evaluate them and promote them based on their
mastery of skills in the current class and their readiness to take on new skills. When
Sophia first went to Toddler A they told me it was likely she was going to be there until
she was two, but now they’ve decided she’s ready to move up, and I approve of that
scheduling flexibility.


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