July 26th, 2003

26 Jul 2003, by

I’m working right now. It’s one of those infrequent Saturdays in which
I have to work, but it actually doesn’t much bother me to work the desk from
time to time. Some people really complain and bellyache about it a lot
and others live in fear that they’ll make a mistake dealing with a patron.
For some reason I’m not at all stressed out about that. I do the best I
can, and past that, I don’t worry about it. It’s been said that in the new
building we’ll all have to work the desk more often, and I wonder what that
will be like. The only thing that bugs me about working this way is I
don’t have a jack for my laptop, so I can’t be on the web, but I think in
the new building the desk will have all kinds of jacks, so that will be

We all have our passports and our bags are half-packed. The house and
pets will be taken care of, to my great relief. It’s hard to believe
that next week at this time I’ll be in Florence. I’m sooo excited. I’ve
never been to Italy or Switzerland. I can’t wait, and I hope everything
goes smoothly. I’ve decided I’m going to be leaving my laptop, and I hope
that I can live without it for that long. We just don’t need another thing
to cart around, though, really. I may be able to access the internet from
an Internet Cafe or somesuch, but I doubt I’ll have much time to do blog
updates. Fortunately, I’ve been relatively good about updates this month,
so I suppose the previous entries (some of them quite long) will have to
entertain people until I return.

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