August 4th, 2003

4 Aug 2003, by

Yes, hi. This will officially be my briefest blog entry ever. I’m on dialup using a borrowed laptop, for one, and on an international keyboard for two which is impossible to type with if you’re unaccustomed to it. For three, my child is desperately, desperately tired and I need to put her to bed asap. However, I’m also in Basel, Switzerland, so it pretty much evens out. We had our big weekend in Italy and it was fantastic in so many ways. I love riding the train. I finished reading the only book I brought and it was really good. Everyone loves Sophia. They kept saying “Bella Bambina” as she’d walk past. Oh and btw, Neil Gaiman is right, the bottled water in Italy does say it’s good for you because it makes you pee. Hah!

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