August 7th, 2003

7 Aug 2003, by

Well you are extra lucky, because you’re getting two blog entries from Europe, which is exactly two more than I’d planned and expected. Yesterday was Blindekuh in Zürich (I’ll be interested in seeing how that ümlaut turns out) and today was the castle in Heidelberg (which I missed the last time around) and tomorrow is geocaching. We are almost done here, about ready to go home. I miss my animals, my house and my stuff. We’re tired, and it’s really hot here. I just had some Bailey’s and milk (which was actually half and half, but that’s another story) so if I seem to be a little disjointed that’s probably why. Or the fact that I walked seven billion miles today. Or possibly just general weariness. Or you know, this is the way I always write. Pick your ailment. I’ve written quite a bit in my paper journal and I also have been making lists of stuff to write, so I’m sure there’ll be plenty of things to keep you reading next week.

Good night, I’ll be home soon.

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