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So I’m still feeling sick most of the time. Not all of the time, though, which makes me feel rather hopeful and optimistic that we’re pulling into the station and about to get off the permanent nausea train. I find myself avoiding taking my pills because they all make me sick. They put me on iron again this time around (whoa! hold your surprise), which is supposed to be had without food, and it gives me gas and makes me burp and taste it for like an hour after I’ve taken it which is all kinds of disgusting. Even the pre-natal vitamin makes me queasy, even if I take it with food. Yesterday, the most astonishing thing happened. I felt great, for a change, not sick or the slightest hint of sick. So we went out to eat lunch and I had mexican and everything was fine and delicious. We went home. I coughed once or twice, and then my recently enjoyed meal was in my mouth. Just like that. No warning heave, no nausea, no nothing. It was the weirdest thing. I went running to the bathroom and in an instant revisited everything I had just eaten. Sophia stood right at the edge of the toilet bowl looking in, asking me “What are you doing, mama?” Me, trying to hold back my hair, trying to minimize splatter on both Sophia and myself, trying to figure out where this came from or why it was happening. I didn’t exactly have time for explanations. I don’t remember ANYTHING like this from the first time around. I could generally see the vomit coming quite a long ways off. It was disgusting. However, since I didn’t really feel badly before, during or after, I’m still puzzled by the whole incident.


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