November 21st, 2003

21 Nov 2003, by

My husband says that I should post something so that people know I’m still alive. Hi! I’m still alive. I’m working really hard on my novel for NaNoWriMo and overall it’s going pretty poorly. I am way, way, way behind on wordcount and got stuck for three or four days without writing a single word which was horrible but I’m still writing anyways. I never imagined that it would be that much harder the second time around, since I’d already proven to myself that I could do it last year, but it has been much more difficult this year. Legomancer is also participating this year, and he’s doing much better than I am at the moment. It’s really nice to have a buddy, I realized, even though writing is basically an individual sport.

Last year I was always close or very close in word count to what I was supposed to be, and I even finished slightly ahead of schedule. This year I have been behind almost from the word go and I very much doubt I’ll completely catch up. However, I’m still trying and still working at it. I have been thinking a lot on why it’s been so much harder this year and while there are some obvious answers : I’m pregnant and sick and tired a lot of the time, this work had less planning than the last work and is more ambitious in scope and subject matter, I’ve had no time at work to do any writing and last year being able to do an hour or two at work really helped my daily word counts, and I didn’t clear out the month as well as I should have to have the time I’d need to really do this. I think, though, that it all boils down to overconfidence. No obstacles looked insurmountable to me, when some probably should have set off alarm bells. I kept telling myself, I made it last year, what’s the big deal? I hope I don’t fail to meet the deadline this year, but it’s not looking so great for the home team.

That is all. I must get back to the other writing now, the one that counts towards my word count of 50K.

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