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This morning Sophia woke up and started kicking at the bars of her crib, which she always does when she’s just woken up. Kurt went into her room and said,”Who’s that making noise? Are you noisy?”

“NO! I’m Sophia!” announced Sophia.

He took her out of the crib and told her,”Mama’s in the bed.” I could see her stumbling over her doorstep and running towards me. She was wearing a hand me down nightgown that makes her look like she’s a character from Little House on the Prairie. It’s flannel and warm and looks totally adorable on her. She climbed up into bed and got under the covers with me. I hugged her close.

“Did you sleep well? Did you have good dreams?”

“Good dreams,” she echoed.

I wonder what she dreams about.

“I’m awake!” she added.


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