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Item lost in the hard drive crash : list of potential baby names.

Now dreams.

I dreamed that I lost the back of one of the earrings I normally wear. I was really perplexed by how this could happen, since the backs screw on.

I dreamed that I wanted Kurt to get in the shower with me. I wanted to have anal sex. I told him he needed to use lots of lubricant, and that the water from the shower would help. I placed both of my hands against the wall to brace myself and we had sex that way. It wasn’t painful and it was a bit strange, as well.

I dreamed that I came out of the elevator into Chris Goodwin’s office. He had a low glass-topped coffee table and he was sitting on the floor eating lunch. It looked like some kind of pasta in pink sauce with huge thin slices of ham. I told him that it looked pretty good and he said that it was, and that he was really relishing it because normally nowadays he doesn’t eat anything fresh, but only stuff out of tins. This is because he has so much canned food all around, a habit he started since his house burned down last year. I told him that I understood completely, because another friend of mine Dave Lartigue, always made sure he had a stockpile of cans too. I was thinking how I don’t really have many cans, and maybe this is something I should be doing too, so that I’d have something to eat in a catastrophe. Then Chris said he was going to go take some pictures, and I decided I would go too. We were walking outside in this really picturesque neighborhood and he was snapping pictures of these bronze statues of people in mid-action all over the place (like one sees in the French Quarter). He also took a picture of this really cool brick archway, that was like a bunch of little receding archways. Next to the archway we sat near a fountain where there were lots of very large natural rocks that looked cool. I sat on a rock and Chris sat on the ground a little ways away. In a few minutes this large reddish dog with big ears sat next to him. They looked really cute sitting together so I asked Chris to give me the camera so I could take a picture. I couldn’t work it, though. I kept somehow taking a picture of myself in front of them, or a picture of the rock beneath them, or pictures of the buildings and the sky because I couldn’t seem to flip the lens to point the right way. Finally we decided to get something chocolate to eat and so we went down these brick stairs and met Ashley and told him that we were going to buy this specific chocolate thing that we both thought was delicious (it may have been a KitKat, I’m not sure) and he said he would go too but he had to run into his house and fetch something first (money? warmer clothes?). He ran off down the stairs and then returned shortly but he had run so fast that he was having trouble breathing and had this black mask over his nose and mouth with a black rubber pipe that was feeding him oxygen. I thought or maybe I said that he shouldn’t have rushed so much, there was no need for it.

I dreamed that I went to get Sophia at daycare and that De’Niecechsi (a co-worker of mine) was her provider and that we talked about what she had done that day and it was clear that De’Niecechsi was very fond of her. Then I took Sophia out the front door where there was this huge field with parks at the far end that were also part of the daycare. Sophia said she wanted to go play in the park for a few minutes and I told her this would be ok so we went down there to play and then as we came back up towards the car she said she couldn’t leave without giving De’Niecechsi a goodbye hug, only she pronounced her name “Denise”, so at first I didn’t know who she was talking about. So we tracked down De’Niecechsi and gave her a hug and I explained that Sophia had especially asked for that. Then we got in the car and drove away. There’s some part I’m foggy on now about the way we had parked or the way cars had parked around us and I was mad about it.


Sun 29th Feb 2004 at 2:24 pm

I love them..


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