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This past weekend had a rather odd and vivid dream, which I recount, as usual, in the extended portion.

I dreamed that I was woken from sleep by the sound of the front door opening. I got out of bed and wandered around the house to the front door. The house was a mishmash of our old house and our new house, so that the bedroom was like our current one but the front of the house was like our old one. When I got to the front of the house, I found our friend Charlie bringing in armloads of baby seals. He had about ten of them. I asked him what he was doing, exactly and he said that he had rescued these from his neighbor’s yard and that his neighbor was trying to kill them. He needed a safe place for them and could he leave them with us. I wasn’t overly pleased by this, as ten seals is a lot and I do want to be helped out, but I kind of like to be asked in advance of the arrival of the animals, not to mention he was just coming into my house and leaving them. However, I ended up telling him to put them all in this room and saying I would watch them at least for a while. Now the whole time we kept referring to these animals as the “baby seals” but they were actually more like ferrets or something. They had distinctively sealish faces, but they also had four paws and no flippers, so they were wandering around all over the place. I remember being worried about not knowing what they needed to be fed, or how often.


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