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Another Thea dream. I told myself when I woke up that I would write this one down right away, because it was so vivid but I didn’t and now it isn’t. Here’s what’s left.

I dreamed that I was at the lunch room in Thea and that we were all eating lunch together. My mother was complaining because she had two 1 liter bottles of coke and they had cost her 15 dollars a piece. Because they had cost so much, she wanted them drunk. Her and my dad had their fill and she was offering them around to people to finish off, so they wouldn’t have to spend their own money on beverages. I wouldn’t drink any of the coke.


Fri 10th Dec 2004 at 5:27 am

at least your dream is true to your mom — chinchy, generous and bossy all at the same time :-)
"HER and my dad" ?????????????
Sorry you donĀ“t like coke, even in your dreams. I find it one of the nice pleasures of life.

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