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The sequence of events may be muddled. One from last night and one from the night before.

On Friday night, I dreamed that I lived in this long narrow house, on the second floor, and that access was through a ladder in the foyer. Something was red, I can’t remember now whether it was a wall or the floor. Doors to rooms lined one side of the long narrow main room and windows lined the other side. There was little to no furniture. Somebody had done and experiment that changed people. It was like a zombification process of some kind. The people’s skin turned black (and I mean black, here, not brown) and their hair turned black and stood out from their heads. The converted people didn’t shuffle or eat brains or anything like that, but they stopped being quite human also. They lived out of the city, and just roamed the street trying to convert others (it wasn’t clear how this was done, but if they caught you, they did it to you). The ladder was difficult to negotiate for them, so we were somewhat safe, but the dream was all about hiding and keeping safe and fear.

Last night I dreamed that I was helping Sophia’s teacher at the school. We were washing clothes, and for some reason we were doing it in the toilet. The flush was like the spin cycle. We were cleaning up because there was going to be a church service. However, the normal rules about the church service were changing for some reason, and now it was required to be barefoot on holy ground. We were telling everyone that they would have to take their shoes off from here on out. I remember asking Dee if she was going to take her shoes off, and her saying no way, she’d just go in socks. I remember doubting whether they’d allow that. Everyone who went into the church without shoes came out marked in some way. I think they were tattoos, but I’m fuzzy on that now. I could see the people that had been touched by the deity even without seeing the mark, though, because their brains were different and for some reason I could see this. When I went inside the chapel, it was like the seminary chapel and I couldn’t find a place to sit, so I kept walking straight to the front of the church and through one of the doors there, and through one of the doors that was back there to the exterior of the sanctuary.


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