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I had several vivid dreams this weekend, but I was very busy and blogged other things instead of the dreams, telling myself that I could always blog them later. But the dreams, they disintegrate little by little. You hardly even notice, but then you check the mental spot where you stored them and there’s nothing left. I must be better about recording the dreams. I have only a line or two that I jotted down briefly to go on, and none of the dreams themselves.

In the first dream Caitlin R. Kiernan was reading one of my stories and critiquing it. She was telling me that it was was good, but that instead of coming in from the top down I should be going from the bottom up. This was scarier, and more gripping.

In another dream I had arrived at Thea. I looked for my room assignment, and was thrilled to discover that I’d be over by Amarilla. There was another house there and for some reason it was my favorite and I was so happy I’d be staying there. The grass was very green and soft under my feet.


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