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Yeah, the pressure to record titles for the dream entries got to me. I think I’ll just number them for a while. Please remember, no one is forcing you to read the contents of my dreams. More than any of the other entries, the dream ones are for me.

Quite an elaborate one, this, though mostly faded now. Before I start I want to note that this may have been somewhat of a lucid dream. I say somewhat because I was never aware that I was asleep and dreaming, but I felt very strongly that I was coordinating and directing the action, and several scenes were rewound and done again with slightly altered people, plotlines, or settings.

In this dream, there is a woman and someone else, coming up this sandy desert-like road to an outpost in the wilderness. A bad storm is coming, and the woman needs shelter. She goes up to the outpost and asks the man there if he will let them shelter while the storm passes. The man says no, and closes them out. The storm is very near now, the wind whistles fiercely. The two people look across and see another building, and make for it. They walk into it and it is very dark, and seems abandoned. At first it may have been like a barn, but soon it is a complex wooden building with long narrow hallways filled with sheltering people. One of the people sheltering here is the man who denied them entry into the other house.

The woman sits. The storm comes. Everyone is quiet in the place, listening to the wind howl and lash at the sides of the house. At one point the house is picked up and set down again, spun 180 degrees. Then, from the entrance way, a large box appears. As she nears it (the others are afraid) it opens to reveal some kind of cross between a mime and a magician. He does tricks and there’s smoke.

Some fuzzy intermediary stuff. This is perhaps, when the woman shifts into three women, and they are sisters and adventurers. They do some kind of freelance work – private investigators or spies of some type? – on behalf of their brother who is the mime/magician guy. He is the intermediary who arranges all their assignments, but there is concern, because there are really four sisters, and one is missing.

Move to fourth sister, who is on assignment somewhere in Europe. It could be Russia, it’s meant to be Russia, maybe, except it’s very warm and mediterranean. There’s a fountain, she’s rushing toward this huge fountain with a statue in the middle and four corner sculptures of large ducks or geese or swans with their wings spread.

There was so much more to this, and I kept tweaking what was happening, and when I woke up I thought to myself this would make such a great story, only I don’t think I can quite make it be a story, which is a shame.


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