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I’m not sure what to make of this.

Two nights ago I had a very poorly remembered dream that featured my SIL. She had a different job from the one she has now, in a completely different field that was somehow daring and adventurous. She was talking about her job and we were at her house and she had let us sleep in her bed. The sheets were dark. I wish I’d gotten this one down sooner, good details have gone.

Last night I dreamt that I was grieving Simone. I was weeping, and I could feel this horrible weight in my chest and this consuming sadness. There may have been more, but the odd thing about this one was that when I woke, I knew I was awake by the complete absence of all those feelings. I have often had emotions trickle over from dreamspace into waking space, a nightmare can leave me uneasy or outright scared and happy dreams can elevate my mood for the whole day, but in this case, it was as if I had completely stepped away from those feelings when I woke up. I would not have expected that I would be able to do that, actually. I have often thought that the place of my dreams is elsewhere, but I begin to think the me of my dreams is elseone as well.


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