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New version of ecto. Let’s see if it’s figured out how to do extended text for nucleus with a dream entry.

Last weekend I had two vivid dreams. One, predictably, was about Neil Gaiman. He was staying with us during some kind of tour or something and he stayed at our house the whole day, even though it had no furniture in it, and then at night, my husband was like “We never gave him anything to eat!” I was horrified, of course, and replied it was absurd that we hadn’t fed him since Little Tokyo was just down the street and we know he likes sushi.

The other concerned a friend of mine. She sent me an email after we had played a game that she didn’t want to game with me anymore. I was so confused, I was so sure she’d had fun!

BTW, ecto didn’t post the extended entry. I had to do it the old-fashioned way. Alas.


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