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One of these days I mean to post an ancient dream, from one of my high school dream journals. I can’t decide whether to scan it, or type it in or both. See? I’m filled with intentions.

Three dreams from last night.

In the first dream I had a huge pain in my mouth when I woke up, and realized that one of my teeth was loose. A molar. I touched it a little and was frightened by how much it moved around in my mouth so I left it alone. It fell out anyway. It was very large, and peppered with silver fillings. I took it to my mom and dad and said that my tooth had fallen out and I should probably make an appointment with the dentist so they could put it back in. My mom and dad both looked over the tooth, and my mom said she didn’t think a dentist could fix it. I was thinking to myself that surely a dentist could fix it. Surely people’s teeth fell out and they put them back in. But how did they stay back in? Maybe she’s right, and it’s something dentists can’t do. But if they can’t do that, what good are they? My dad said something like going to the dentist would just be a waste of money. I was really angry about that and left them to go to my room. I called Kurt, to complain about how my tooth had fallen out and how my parents were not being supportive at all. He soothed me and told me that if I thought I should go to a dentist then just make an appointment and go and don’t worry about it.

In the second dream I was reading a recently published story by a writer friend of mine. She had alluded to some ghostly figure in it, and I told her that I would write a story that referred to somethng in her story, and that we could make a chain of cross-referrals that way in all our published work, sort of threading the worlds of our words together. I was really intellectually excited about that concept and couldn’t wait to execute it.

In the third dream I was living in a variant of the Kammerdiener/Garrett house in the compound. I dream about this house a lot, which makes me think I may have spent way more hours in it as a child than I really remember. It’s enormous. It was slightly differently shaped, without the back porch, and where I recall a small shed there was instead this long, open brick garage that looked like something that might have once been brick horse stalls. We were just moving in, and we were planning how to use the space in the garage, because we didn’t have four cars. We were going to use some of it as closet space, for some reason, to store off season clothes.


Sat 16th Jul 2005 at 5:43 pm

You totally need to scan it, you have beautiful handwriting.

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