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Two from last night.

I dreamed that I was helping Kyra move into an apartment in Munich. There was lots of train riding and so forth going around to and from places. The apartment that she was going to stay in was odd in a number of ways. To get to it, you had to take this elevator. It was not inside. You walked into the elevator from the street, and someone unpleasant and malintentioned got onto the elevator with us. I can’t remember what happened to him. The other odd thing was that her apartment had someone else’s things in it. She said she didn’t mind, because they were all things she quite liked, especially all the comics and graphic novels, but I thought it was odd moving into a furnished house that was so…personalized and filled with so many makeshift and cheap things. For example, the books were on makeshift shelves, of the type every college student has had: cinderblocks and wood planks. Munich was dark too, and the apartment had only one small window that gave onto the building’s interior porch, and it was dark as well.

I also dreamed that I sent a letter to a person I knew from Med, basically asking them what was up with them lately and so forth, and that in return they sent me this long series of photographs that they had taken of me, including photographs of me in my bathing suit at the swimming pool the day before. I thought this was incredibly weird, not in the (obvious on waking) stalkerly way that it is, but in the fact that I had no idea this person knew anything about me at all : how I looked, what my habits were, where I went to the pool, what city I lived in, etc.


Sat 13th Aug 2005 at 11:41 am

OK So I take forever to respond, but only now at the library have I had time to check the site. Oddly enough I too have a recurring dream about moving to some city in europe (germany mostly) hmmmm.
I’ve got to go I’m getting kicked out of the computer. My turn is up.

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