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Lucid. Been a while since that happened. Hi Jim MacDonald! He’s a big bear of a guy (if I’d put up my VP photos I’d link) who can both boom and speak very softly, and has the traditional kind heart to go with the big imposing looks.

I dreamed that I was looking over the work of a VPer with Jim MacDonald, an instructor. I don’t know why we weren’t looking over my own work, but there you have it. I was saying how his plot was pretty good, and then mentioned how Patrick had said that he had been accepted to the workshop on the strength of his plot. (I don’t think anything like that was said. What I remember, on waking, was that Patrick was impressed with his plot and some of the shiny of how his plot worked). Jim was someone I liked a lot, and I was happy to see him again. We were sitting in the basement of a theater, in a long hallway of partitioned cubicles, with built-in counters and mirrors with lights, clearly for actors to touch up and/or dress before going on stage. He was sometimes six or eight cubicles down and I had to shout “Are you still there?” to which he would shout “Yes!” and then sometimes right next to me, and we were sharing the manuscript. Then I lost track of him and went outside, where several things happened relating to the performance that was taking place within but which I don’t recall too clearly, and I was simultaneously riding in a black taxi with him and riding (floating) outside the taxi next to him. “You know this is a dream, right?” I asked him. He thought about this for a second and said,”Yeah, I know.” Then I did a reading test, of carved writing on the side of a large building, and sure enough, that proved it was a dream. I remember thinking : wow, if he knows it’s a dream and I know it’s a dream then we’re probably both dreaming this! I wonder if he’ll remember when he wakes up? I decided I would send him email when I woke to ask him about this and started thinking about where to find his email address, which I don’t have. Didn’t realize then that acknowledgement of inhabiting the dream does not mean there was any kind of contact. Duh. Well, my sleeping brain isn’t so good with the logic. I get a kick out of its inventiveness, so I’ll give it a pass.


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