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I upgraded Nucleus. Still dinking with some of the plugins, and expect a look and feel overhaul shortly. Just checking to make sure I didn’t radically break anything in the process. Also, too many people have been asking where I’ve been, why I’m not updating, and so forth, so I figured it was time to wave.

Ways I can tell I’m not serious about poetry, number 7032 : I write it in Appleworks, instead of vi.

Not that this serves as an excuse: there was the part where I couldn’t write about writing because I couldn’t write anything, then there was the part where I couldn’t write about writing because I was too busy writing, and now there’s the part where every entry I start on sounds stupid (including this one).

Meanwhile, in the yard, the honeysuckle abatement program proceeds. Honeysuckle is to Missouri like Kudzu is to Mississippi.

I had a zillion dreams in the past week or two, but the only one I can now remember is that I was sitting in one of the classrooms at Lincoln, the ones facing the river where the huge glass pane windows are, and Elizabeth Bear was sitting there telling us to watch the movie where Viggo Mortensen is a schizophrenic.

The Kelly Link book I checked out from the library is so amazing that I think I want to have my own copy. I heart Kelly Link. Remember back when I told you to go read her story The Faery Handbag? Yeah. Don’t make me repeat myself.

See? It’s better when I’m succint. Hugs and kisses.

iTunes says I was listening to Start Wearing Purple from the album Voi-La Intruder by Gogol Bordello when I posted this.


Fri 19th May 2006 at 8:32 pm

Glad to have you back and posting, I missed you.

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